Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ocean beach

ocean beach
t by alexander wang top, siwy hannah jeans, vintage boots, ray ban wayfarers

Attempting to post as quickly as possible before I leave for work. Yes, work. I got a job at Nasty Gal and while it's only for the summer, it was enough to get me to cut my LA trip short and drive back about a week ago. So yes, basically I've been working, resting, and not blogging. I'm used to it now and I'll be able to work on that last part...

Julianne and I went on a little date to Ocean Beach where we ate corn dogs and pranced around in the surprisingly decent weather. Did I mention that I finally tracked down the long version of the striped T by Alex Wang top? Well, there it is.

ocean beach
corn dog
ocean beach

I was taking a photo of my feet near the water and the tide rolled in without my realizing it. My boots are still wet. I'm sure I have more to say but I'm running out of time and I need to cut this short... maybe I'll edit it later. Ciao!

ocean beach
ocean beachocean beach


Unknown said...

Congrats Annabel on your job at Nasty Gal! What do they have you doing?

And for a split second I thought you cut your hair again.


Camilla said...

Wow- congrats, I love nasty gal.
I always love your photos.


Unknown said...

I love this relaxed outfit and how the wind blows your hair, this makes the photos so dynamic :)
Yum corn dogs!

Das What She Said said...

cute combination!

courtney. said...

That sounds like a really awesome job, though I feel you on finding time for blogging while working - so hard to find a balance :(
I love that Alexander Wang top as well, so cute.

Nessa said...

Did you cut your hair again???

Tanita said...

cute outfit once again!

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Jenae said...

You have such fantastic style.I always enjoying reading your blog!!

check mine out at:



This Alexander Wang top is a must have! I like your boots so much!! And your white jeans!! Everything's so cool about this outfit!

Anonymous said...

great photos!

btw, join the game! - (:

Anonymous said...

ohh - Nasty Girl - wicked. Loving that outfit - the last word in chic!


I have that top! Love it. x

LUU H. said...

congrats on the job, annabelle !

Anonymous said...

great photos! it seems like you had lots of fun there! ^^
i love your outfit! the top is so great and i simply LOVE the shoes! perfection!

Jessica said...

beautiful outfit!

Melissa said...

cute outfit, now im craving corn dogs

Amber said...

cool look and pictures!
x amber

Nathalia said...

Oh! I wish I were on a beach right now when I see these lovely pics!
Congratulations to you job too:)

bravegrrl said...

lovely photos as always :)

Joanne Angelina said...

Ahh congrats on your job, great photos and lovely post!!

Anna Grostina said...

Amazing photos!!!!!

Julia said...

that photo of you with the sausage is just too cute^^

i speak mojito said...

white jeans, ocean, and corndogs equal my kinda day!
congrats for the job!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Really beautiful photos and outfit! ^^

linda said...

i like your photos :))

this free bird said...

Congrats on the job. You're killin' it in the Siwy's and Wang. Love it with the boots, too.

Hey I'm also giving away Melinda Maria's Silver Pyramid Spike Bangle if you might be interested. Totally could see you wearing it. Just a thought. :)

Sewon said...

How do you like working at Nasty Gal? Hmmm I'm totally craving corn dogs and boardwalk fries. Can't wait to hit the beach back home. P.S. I'm loving the striped shirt!

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats on the job!

And the pictures are beautiful,and so's the outfit =D

Shirt. I. Want. It's gorrrgeous!


Ambypure said...

Beautiful outfit and lovely pics!

allergic to vanilla said...

this blog always makes me smile, or maybe its you!

xo Carlina

Contact said...

nasty gal is a great website! congratulations! stripes stripes stripessss, love


Ripped Jeans said...

gorgeous pictures!! and i love corn dogs!!!

Anonymous said...

^^ hi !

french girls *_*:




Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

I'm totally in love with your white jean, ideal for a lot of outfits for summer!
and your boots are great, but on the beach, didn't the sand go inside them??
and what is this "corn dog"??? i'm so surprised to see this! I have never seen that in France! is it tasty?

Zuzolińska said...

You are so lucky that you can be on seaside!
Beautiful photos

Jessica said...

Congrats! Nasty Gal sells some great stuff! I'm sure it'll be a rewarding job. :)

G Tauberge said...

the combat boots make me like nautical again. love those jeans!

Marlena said...

I need those boots, need them. lovely as always

Anonymous said...

hello from australia! thanks for that great read

eleanor said...

these photos are wonderful, and you look great!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Corn dogs, white jeans and the beach, can't go wrong.

Marinka said...

Your style is so nice ! I love that top and the quality of your photos ^^

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job! It seems so much fun! Love the outfit.

calivintage said...

ah, your white jeans and casual stripes look so perfect for a day at the beach. do you ever go to baker beach? my fav!

Sarah Dee said...

Congrats on the job at Nasty Gal!


Gela said...

you look sooo good in those pants!! congratulations on the job! must be fun!

and CORNDOG!!!! now i'm craving. *_*


boat ride through the sky

Anne said...

The white jeans & black boots...Oh, I love them!!!

Rosa said...

You have cute booties! and amazing photos. Made me wish that I lived near the coast.

Lauren said...

Love your striped top! Congrats on the job at Nastygal :) xx

Luna : said...

when i lived in canada i had this guilty addiction for corn dogs, i swear i could eat more than 10 in one go hehe


Just discovered your blog, love it!
I wish i had a beach nearby.. Well its raining now so not that i could go there.. but just the idea of having the freedom of sand and water in the neighbourhood would be comforting.. haha.

Keep it up,
Check out our blog!

Andrea said...

You are so pretty, you look so chic and you have that 'actress having a walk' look. And you often wear stripes which suits you very much. I love your blog, not the mention the food photos. Yumm!

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

yay for first job but boo for WORKING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE ):

boots at the beach? rebel~~~

Amie said...

congrats on the job at NastyGal, i lovelovelove their store! do tell us how it goes :)
and yum corndogs! they don't make those here in australia haha

x amie

Unknown said...

Great pics!!

LOVEEEE it!! <3

Birgitte said...

Such a cute outfit and amazing pictures! Love it!

Xoxo Birgitte

Fashion Du Jour said...

Effortless style! You make it look so easy!

Revital said...

great photos! you look beautiful!!

Jocy said...


akko said...

I love your photograph!!
I look forward to your updates!!


Anonymous said...

i just love this post! the pictures are awesome! you make me want to eat a pogo lol

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

you're so pretty!
love the outfit and photos!

Danielle said...

I hope they're okay, those boots are really cute!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Corn Dog + Beach = Heavenly.

Sand + Socks = Bummer, babe.

Mariel said...

I love everything about your outfit! Love the sheer touch to the striped top

Janelle Haskin said...

Your outfit is perfection! Good luck with your new jobby! :)

Unknown said...

LOV3 Your Blog

ces-fils-qui-nous-remuent said...


Dheyzhere said...

Woow, it's a very nice thing when u can work in the world that you love you know..So, congrats..

I love ur outfit, very comfy..


micah said...

that top is heaven!

Miranda Banana said...

Absolutly LOVVEEEE your Boots !!! do they come from a thrift shop ? Anyway.. Lots of great outfits !!! <3

Lots of Kisses
Miranda Banana

Guldlog said...

I really love your pictures, your style and your universe:-) And you live in san fran? Im soo jaloux! I LOVE that city!!

Unknown said...

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