Tuesday, April 28, 2009

simple, as always

thrifted linen shirt, BDG cigarette jeans, vintage riding boots

Yet another casual look featuring at least one oversized item of clothing. This shirt is actually NOT the same as the oxford shirt I wore two posts back and is much lighter since it is made out of linen. It is also less oversized so I opted for leaving the buttons closed rather than open like the last time. Simple and easy, right? I've also been living in these boots which I found this past weekend at a cute little vintage store/hair salon on Telegraph, Down At Lulu's. I was really excited when I found them since I tend to have really bad luck when it comes to finding knee high vintage boots but score way more with shorter booties. I can't wait to wear them with cute dresses in the summer!

Oh and, I also listed a few things on my Chictopia for sale. I only have blazers/jackets up for now but expect a few more things in the coming days! I really need to clean out my closet.

(If any of you were wondering if I had a forehead, here it is. Excuse the eyebrows, they never see the light!)


Karafina said...

awesome boots.. lucky you! love this oversized button up thing going... must try soon.

sarah said...

I also wear simple outfits every day, so I really like your style. Great shirt and you're so cute and pretty, I'm always happy to see some portraits on the end of your posts.

Melissa said...

love this! very simple, very nice!

Shelby said...

I love the linen shirt. I have never come across a men's shirt made out of linnen before...i must lead a sheltered life!

lolita said...

regarding the eyebrow neglect: i couldn't agree with you more! i have similar bangs that cover down to my eyes & therefore, i've given up the need to maintain what's underneath.

my brows have passed Brook Shield circa 1980s status =/

btw, great blog!

Courtney. said...

soo jealous of those boots!

mia said...

i really like your style ! and these boots are so cute ! looking forward to see your summer outfits ! need some inspiration !

blackandbleu said...

cute! i'm a huge fan of the rolled up sleeve mens shirt also.


i love down at lulu's

Anonymous said...

Great boots! You find the best vintage stuff.

lolita said...

i love the light in these photos, gorgeous!

Jessica said...

I really love your style!

christina d said...

recently, i started wearing my bangs up and no one recognizes me anymore. i guess the forehead is a little intense for people once they're used to the "bang"

christina d said...

and i will agree with lolita that my brows have reached Brook Shield's and then some...

(you, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about. i like your eyebrows, they look naturally perfect.. lucky)

ana b. said...

You have a fantastic blog here! And this outfit is so chic and lovely. I love your style, girl. You're always looking fantastic. You've been linked! Hope you don't mind.

Lisa said...

I love the shirt and the boots are such a great find!

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