Thursday, April 16, 2009

schoolgirl revisted

vintage peter pan collared shirt, thrifted uniform skirt, f21 pocket cardigan, target thigh high socks, vintage etienne aigner oxfords

I know I've post outfits similar to this on my Chictopia but I couldn't help attempting it again with the vintage girl's uniform shirt that I just acquired. I've been looking for a top with a peter pan collar for ages! Nevertheless, is it ironic that, after 10+ years of wearing uniforms in Catholic schools, I've reverted back to a style which I abhorred for so many years? My least favorite part was being told to tuck in my shirt and recieving detention from everyone's favorite nun upon "forgetting" to adhere to the rules every once in a while. I tend to miss uniforms sometimes when I'm tired of my wardrobe (which is 75% of the time). I only really had to worry about outfits on the weekends or free dress days since I had to wear the same uniform combination five times a week! Oh well, I'm still glad that's over.

(End nostalgic rant. High school was great but college is a million times better, in my honest opinion!)


Lana Hiroko said...

hi hi i found you from tumblr, i love your outfits & posts, i'm following you now ^.^

angelica pickles said...

not a catholic school but i went to a private school in istanbul. until college, for 11 years, i had to wear uniforms and i now realize how cute and practical they were! :)
and i totally agree - college is muuuuch better!

Shelby said...

I totally agree with you and sometimes miss my uniform wearing days! I absolutely love that skirt, its perfect!

Anonymous said...

Very Gossip Girl also.

lovelydisco said...


Claudia said...

I love this outfit its soo cute

Fahm said...

Annabel, you are so gorgeous! Don't mind my asking, but what is your background? :)

martina ngozi said...

the outfit is adorable! and lol about the uniform thing. I'm still wearing uniforms in high school but their so much more lenient since its all girls!

btw how tall are you? you look so tiny!

ashhley said...

i love your hair, i wish mine was as thick! ha i wore a similar outfit yesterday except it was grey/black/burgundy.. many people commented that i looked like i came out of harry potter. ha

Diana said...

lolita chic!

Lan said...

Oo you should do a makeup tutorial!

Flashes of Style said...

You look so great! I'm quite excited to see you on blogger. I have always admired your style on Chictopia. Lookin' forward to see more!

julesinthecity said...

Very Gossip Girl outfit, love it! :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

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Aya Smith said...

hehe, it's about time! ;) Well, I added you to my blogroll as well! Thanks love! ;)

Love these outfits, btw!!! O_O

Gelabo said...

i went to an all-girls Catholic school, & i uniforms are a million times WORSE, believe me. high school was nice, but i definitely wouldn't want to go back!

caro said...

i love your outfits! greetings from germany!

anna said...

I will never tire of your school girl outfits annabel :)

Sol said...

Everyone hates school uniforms when they have to wear them, but i have to admit they do simplify things. Not having to worry about what i wore for over 5 years was cool!

Anonymous said...


How do you keep your over-the-knee socks from falling down? I wear them and as soon as I take a few steps, they are sliding down to my ankles :/

Sushi said...

This is such an adorable outfit! Love your blog x Sushi

The Divinitus said...

I have similar shoes... maybe will find a way how to wear them...

Karla said...

I totally agree. College IS a million times better. I love the outfit! :)

Ezra said...

you succeeded

LHFC said...

you look sweet. totally understand, i went to a catholic girls school, but this is so much better than anything we had to wear! think floor length skirts :S

Bucca said...

looks really cute you just need a jaunty little hat :)

Iris said...

just like everyone said it looks really cute on you. not everyone can wear this without looking completly ridiculous!

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