Monday, January 17, 2011

this is a post about mike


There you go, Mike. Happy? Earlier today we went to Tartine for some sandwiches and coffee. After a failed attempt to get soft serve ice cream at Bi-Rite, we took the J downtown so Mike could buy a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses at Barney's. I'm on a shopping ban until I finish cleaning out my closet so I forced myself to stay away from the 60% off shoe section... hardest thing ever. Around this time I usually save up enough money for a special shoe purchase (a couple months ago it was that pair of Miu Miu clogs) but I can't really do that at the moment since I'm in the process of starting a new part of my life after graduating. After Barney's we ended up at Bastille where I watched Brent buy a Flippa K shirt and oversized red sweater. If you're in the city and haven't been there yet you should check it out, they have a pretty good selection of Fjallraven backpacks. I almost bought a mini kanken in my favorite shade of bright green but ughhhhhhhhh. Maybe I'll go back later.

Well I guess this wasn't really about Mike but hey, isn't that picture enough? We like to go to Taco Bell together and when he's playing World of Warcraft he'll buy me a burrito from Papalote if I go pick it up for us. Sometimes we get into fights about who gets to spend time with Brent but in the end we always make up...


S said...

Those sandwiches look yummy!

I hate self-imposed shopping bans.

No Alice No said...

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You write very well.



Veronika Novotny said...

oh my goodness. I am drooling. You combine my two fave things food + fashion. p.s (i also mentioned you in my blog post today. xx veronika

Unknown said...

aww hehe this makes me think maybe i should do a post about my boyfriend's bestie who im always having to share my bf with too.


Anonymous said...

does your boyfriend play horde or alliance?

icedogblog said...


SAMANTHA said...

good for you for staying away for that shoe sale, it's the hardest thing ever. that sandwich looks yummy!


M-H said...

Nice coincidence that The Selby posted pictures about Tartine exactly today...

Anonymous said...

I was at Tartine today too, but passed on waiting in line because it was nearly two blocks long! And I also walked by Bastille and thought it looked cute. Too bad I didn't see you :)

Mary Grace said...

If you don't mind me saying this--pardon me if you do--Mike is kinda a cutie. Great shot with the coffee cup.

And sandwiches and coffee...mmm. My mouth is watering right now.

Alice said...

mike is hot!

Anonymous said...

hope the wardrobe sorting is gong well... hopefully when you're all done you'll go back to that shop and the shoes will be 70% off instead ;)

Hanna said...

I love your food pictures, they always look so good.

demelza fey said...

ahh World Of Warcraft ... my brother, step-father and fiancé all play horde.
I love your posts, but they taunt me now I'm on a new healthy eating plan to lose the baby weight I gained last year.

margaret said...

haha, for the horde.
i would probably end this with my toon name and server but i'm kind of ashamed at both my lack of gear and server (instead of just being ashamed of my server)

theappletea said...

love it! So super!

MICHELLE said...

Tartine is so awesome. I've only been once, but their banana walnut bread was to die for. I want to try their savory food!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I was reading the post above and thought "needs more Mike". ngl.

Anonymous said...

I love your extensions, could you tell me where did you get them?

Love your style and your blog ;)



ha. my friend who works at tartine says she sees you in there quite often. i mean, how can you resist it? she also said you always look so cute! | |

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

I could use a sandwich from Tartine right now!

Raquel said...

Hi, I have to say I really really love your blog. Your pictures and posts are great, and always interesting. I look forward to reading more!

-Raquel x

genevieve said...

I adore your food adventures. And pictures. Yum!

Anonymous said...

The food looks so amazing!!

Anonymous said...

You haver the cooleste shirt, the coolest shades, the coolest hairdo!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love how you wore same shoes in fabulous different outfits! and your hair is fantastic!

Classy & Fabulous

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