Tuesday, January 4, 2011

still not wearing pants

no pants
Thrifted plaid flannel, Zara sweater, Drugstore tights

really digging this right now.


S said...

Always a good look for lazing around and doing nothing.

Anni said...

Looks cool!

Lisi said...

i love the pullover!!!


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

No wonder why... ubercool! :)


Fashion Intel said...

What do the townspeople think?

Briana said...

Love it! I never tire of flannel.

Anonymous said...

That Zara sweater looks so cozy! You always have such good taste in sweaters, foreal

xo Sherrie

Katie said...

haha, love it!!


No Alice No said...

Cute picture.



Anonymous said...

:( i'm sorry for you knees!

but this style is cool! :)

xxx Mariangela


Jasmin said...

great look!


C. said...

Hah love it :)


Marie said...

I love the color of the sweather!

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Love it! It looks super comfy and relaxed!

Anonymous said...

I need your jumper in my life x

Jessica said...

love your sweater!! the color is really nice!


Anonymous said...


margaret said...

how are you nails so long!??!

Eliza said...

aw that looks cuteee xxx

Fashion Smajlik Blog said...

beautiful ;)


Cassandra said...

love the colour combination of the beige sweater and blue plaid shirt.

La Petite Marmoset said...

I like not wearing pants too! Haha it just makes outfits so much better :)


Mackenzie said...

oh man, do i love tights for the very reason that pants immediately become optional upon wearing them. haters gonna hate, but who is the most comfortable? not them. :) very very cute!

Bronwyn said...

Ah, who needs pants? :)
Your jumper is super-cute


Ankita said...

great style

♥♥♥me-lellow said...

I don´t like to wear pants too, I would rather wear dresses and skirts, but its too cold outside

snoWhite said...

i hate pants, i love dresses!
xoxo S.

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Hannah said...

Love the blog! It's nice to find someone in the same position as I am - that little void between graduation and full-time employment! Good luck with your job search!

Kacrates said...

Pants are optional <3

Anna Pope said...

Pants are optional when one owns comfy sweaters and flannel shirts :)

Marloes. said...

I love the sweater! It looks really comfy ;)

Larissa said...

Your outfits are simple, but they really work

Michelle said...

Absolutely love the colours ♥

Sewon said...

Your sweater looks sooo cozy!

Biaa said...

Ouuuuu I love this look!! Definitely a pants optional look ;)

Laure M said...

I really like !

chrysso said...

looks cosy despite lack of pants! ck:) x

Anonymous said...

Looks so cool. Love looks like that.


sPam said...

Just don't bend over too much ;)

sPam of frou-frou

Anonymous said...

ahh that sweater! it's so cozy!!


emily//thelesserpanda said...

I wish I could not wear pants, but it's a tad too chilly in DC now!


Megan said...

I love it! :) So comfy.

THRIFTED.net said...

cute! Pants are overrated haha


Madeline said...

down with pants! haha

Tidbits of Addiction said...

love the plaid shirt with sweater combo - so simple and classic!


Alice said...

Love this look, if I could find a shirt and jumper long enough I'd do it too.

Artfully Awear said...

mmm thrifted flannel. I've been living in it as well!

Raquel said...

The two textures + tights work GREAT!

em.me.ma said...

need a button up now

Lillian said...

I love the plaid!
check out my blog!


goth reform school said...

yes, this is the most comfy/convenient outfit




sara said...

love this! the sweater looks so comfy!

Miss Dolly said...

Really nice, simple, classic look.
Love the shoes.


vio said...

love your hair!


Chloe said...

If the no-pants looks is working, work it! :) I like it...LOOVE the grandpa sweater and flannel..cute! ;)

chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com


Love your look!! You have style!!

I have a giveaway about my fashion illustrations on my blog!!


Alex Ingram said...

So pretty

Rosie said...

Hey, I love your blog! I'm having a giveaway on mine and would love if you'd enter :)

alexandra grecco said...

lovey, lady!



tiny dancer said...

This outfit looks cute (haha from what I can see of it! lol) but I totally agree with you. I love not having to wear pants if I dont have too...dresses are the way to go! Funny/cute post!


**OnYxStA** said...

its a thing up North...England

We NEVER wear trousers...I bought a few pairs when I was in conservative London but theres just no use in Manchester LOL

Love your blog...New Follower ALERT!!

(pay me a visit x)

Me said...

Too damn sexual. LOL .. Kidding. Super cute/comfy!

Robert Baker said...

The two textures + tights work GREAT!

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