Sunday, July 25, 2010

ippuku in downtown berkeley

ayamurasaki imo shochu

A few of you may have already seen a couple pictures on my Twitter from our trip to Ippuku, a Japanese izakaya that just opened in Berkeley this month right off BART downtown. Shochu is their specialty, accompanied by typical Japanese bar grub such as yakitori and other grilled delights. I actually had no idea that an izakaya was opening in the East Bay until Brent told me that one of his favorite customers at his wine store was one of the owners! I have to admit, we haven't been eating out at nicer restaurants lately since we've both been a bit busy.

The space itself is something you have to see for yourself (although this blog has some fantastic behind-the-scenes photos from before the place opened), but the first thing you see is this right above the bar. Pretty impressive, right? It wasn't until after we talked to the bartender that we found out about the different variations of shochu that existed made from sweet potatoes (imo), barley (mugi), etc. and that Ippuku actually carried a couple bottles which are rare even in Japan! If you're adventurous and willing to try a different type of drink, come here. The staff is super helpful about explaining the types of shochu and specific bottles and we actually ended up trying (and getting drunk off) quite a few: one made from sweet potatoes called Ayamurasaki, two from barley, Sasayaki and Gokoo (the latter is actually aged in barrels for three years and has an oaky taste, if you're into that), an Awamori (long rice) one which I can't remember for the life of me, and finally, my personal favorite of the night, a drink made from black sugar (Kokuto) called Amami which was preeeeeeeeetty effing good. Before you think of us as total boozers, I must add that these drinks were spread out throughout the three hours that we were there. But anyway, now that that's out of the way, let's move on to the food.

jidori gyoza

Starters: chicken gyoza (Jidori Gyoza) and a Chinese-style chicken salad (Ban-Ban-Ji)

kurobuta bara

Next: pork belly skewers (Kurobuta Bara), chicken breast (Mune).


Then: chicken thigh with leek (Negima), minced chicken with egg yolk (Tsukutama).

See those last skewers with the egg yolks? Those are actually the second and third ones we ordered of that plate since we liked the original one so much when it was brought out to us. When it arrived at our table, it was the only plate we had not ordered ourselves and contemplated saying something to the waitress; however, once we finally decided to keep it and took our respective first bites, we looked at each other at the same time and realized it was probably sneaked into our meal on purpose (touché!) and were thankful when we ended up ordering two more as our last bites of the night.

meyer lemon chu-hai cocktails

In addition to the shochu, I convinced Brent to order these chu-hai cocktails which came with their own citrus reamers and meyer lemon halves! At the time, I thought it deserved its own cheesy video (since I love anything that involves being hands-on with food) and ended up with this completely necessary bit. Hmph, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

maccha sundae

Finally, a maccha sundae of green tea soft serve topped with mochi, anko, and ten-kasu. I'd call it a perfect way to end the night but we were actually there much longer (with more drinks) talking to the chef's wife, Erin, who was a complete delight and amazing hostess. If you're reading this, thank you so much for your hospitality and wonderful service!


Heini said...

Looks amazing! Drooool :)

Anonymous said...

mmmm everything looks so delicious!

lamia said...

looks delicious!! I'm starving right now!!

Blunt Reaction said...

The pot stickers look delicious.

Michelle Elaine said...

super noms as usual! im craving green tea anything now :)


Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

.... seems sooo yummy^^ end the recipes seem original^^
I would like to go over there! but I'm in France... it's too far... it's a shame...

Belle xx said...

this looks so amazing
my mouth is watering like crazy!
belle xx

fatwhoreface said...

Ugh, that looks so good.

christina of profresh style said...

WOW, i'm pretty sure all of that looks delicious.

definitely must check out<3.
thanks for writing about this!


Anonymous said...

what effect do you use on your video? it looks neat!

ash said...

i'm starving right know..
such a beautiful pictures.

Kirsty.Billie said...

Yum! This has made my hungry
Great photos

xx Black Adder Fashion

Sobrina Tung said...

I just had dinner at an izakaya! Have you been to Tanto in the south bay? It's a bit of a drive from Berkeley tho. Mmm. Great photos!

K-Rey said...

oh my fucking goodness, i am visiting this place.

Trivia said...

i wish i could go there :D looks amazing

Copious Couture said...

This looks so yummy!!!! Stop by my blog tomorrow I am having a wonderful give away tomorrow!


jessica said...

soooo mouth-watering!!
gosh, i really adore your blog!

becka said...

looks delicious mmmm :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...funny video)))

Carissa said...

as usual, your pics always make me hungry!!

La Petit Poucet

Jessa said...

Hey Annabel, what are your raybans? They seem to have slimmer arms than the normal wayfarers and I really like them!


Looks so good! said...

my good..look so tasty..ill eat the same kind said...

im hungry those foods

Anonymous said...


rosanguyen said...

Yum yum! I love how you ordered dishes that aren't perceived to be the "traditional" dishes of Japan. Majority of the time dishes like these are ignored over sushi. But yum green tea icecream and mochi!! :D

Mani said...

Gah, all your food posts make me jealous... Especially the green tea soft serve!

cindy said...

wow this definitely makes me feel like eatin japanese! the food looks delicious

Joanna Ladrido said...

Japanese food is and always will be yum! love this post!


LUU H. said...

haha, love that video,reminds me about old mario game i used to play on nnintedo :P

jamie-lee said...

it sounds incredible, and the food looks delicious too!

Andy said...

The ice cream looks so, so scrumptious. Just that little bit more so than everything before it!

Velvet said...

Oh my God! The best food I've seen in the last months...


Laura said...

Beautiful photographs, the green tea ice cream at the end looks wonderful!


a bad post for my stomach right now...
mmm....wanna wanna

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

those foos look very yummy!! espeially the maccha sundae ;)


anni said...

what camera do you use on making your videos? looks really good. and the food doesn't look too bad either!

Anonymous said...

amazing photos!
and the food looks really delicious!

Sara* said...

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Fashion Intel said...

3 hours? Now that's my kind of culinary experience. Everything here looks soooooooo delicious!

Dip-tea said...

food porn at its best!

BNa! said...

Fantástico! yo también fui hace poco a un restaurante de comida oriental! y no eh tenido la oportunidad de subir las fotos U_U es maravilloso ver como aprecias el arte culinario! :-D simplemente ME ENCANTA TU BLOG! :-D

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Fantastic! I also went recently to a restaurant of Eastern food! and not had the opportunity to publish photos U_U wonder to see me as you appreciate the cooking art! : - D simply ENCHANTS YOUR BLOG to ME! : - D

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Anonymous said...

mm everything looks divine!

Camille said...

what camera do you use ? your photos are always so incredible !!!

Dress up scientist said...

Looks so good! Everytime I'm in Vancouver or NYC, I make sure to visit at least one Izakaya since they're really lacking in the Japanese food department here in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

looks delicious! makes me want to revisit the the ones in LA now.

Birgitte said...

Looooks delicious!

Xoxo Birgitte

Anonymous said...

You are always dining at the nicest restaurants! The maccha sundae of green tea soft serve looks YUMMY! I think I might have to stop by this place whenever I get to California :]

lauren lanza osias said...

i always get so freaking hungry when i read your blog! delish.
when bad clothes happen to good people... and kathryn heigl...

Anonymous said...

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iole said...

loving this look!!!!


great style and blog...come to visit mine

Ariel said...

My mouth is seriously watering! Looks so amazing!

Rosemary said...

Everything looks so amazing and the photos are so wonderfully taken.

Skin & Wood Vintage,

Juanduh. said...


pink horrorshow said...

omg, this is making me drool for my favorite izakaya place in nyc..they have this rice bowl that's basically a deconstructed spicy tuna roll and it's the fucking bomb.

michelle_ said...

first timer at your blog and IM ADDICTEDD ! i cant stop scrolling through ur older posts !!
thes food porns are really lovely and drooly !
what camera and lens do u use ?

ps . followed u on bloglovin as well !

Sabina said...

What a sweet blog! :))
Come visit mine hon, I think (hope :)) you'll really like it! I can't wait to hear from you!

Have a nice day!

PS: Would you like to swap blog links?

Anonymous said...

This post = epic. Love your photographs, it is hard to shoot at restaurants during night time and get a good exposure, but you did a great job.

babyxswts5 said...

Ohh, I'll have to take my brother there the next time I visit him at Cal! :)

~Vanessa from Smashion

Kat said...

I am a huge fan and lover of anything Japanese, but especially the food! I'm so glad that you post these interesting and saliva-inducing pictures of the meals. We have a lot of good places in New York too, but if I ever get the chance I will definitely visit these places in California!

Jenny said...

Yum especially the maccha sundae! Are you as excited as me that Interpol are returning? Yay! They need to come to London already...^__^

Anonymous said...

These food posts KILL me. I'm starving and they look DELISH!


Jenn said...

omg is all i can say. especially the egg yolk thing!

Ms. Pink said...

I love green tea ice cream, this whole meal looks amazing :)


missrantsypants said...

The chicken thighs with leek look amazing, so does everything else. Yum. Im about to head into the kitchen, because this post made me hungry!

Anonymous said...


veronicalee23 said...

showed my boyfriend this and now he is DYING to go. thanks for sharing. this place is literally a few blocks from my apartment so i MUSt visittt

YUKO said...

I don't usually go to izakayas in the US because they just don't compare to the ones in Japan, but THIS ONE looks really good.

Ron @ DubaiFunHolidays said...

looks like a great treat, something that everyone is going to enjoy, all the dishes seem tempting and very refreshing,

Doremy Diatta said...

ooooo i love your food photos :) that was such a cute video!

supercool post, love it

come by for a visit,

Allergic to Vanilla said...

yummy yum yum...I love the DIY cocktails ;)

xo Carlina

O.K. said...

I LOVE Fjallraven Kanken. Where did you buy yours?

Anonymous said...

who is the song in the video from?

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Shane Radbone said...

I make most of them but the persentaion over there are good

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