Wednesday, April 14, 2010

peachy keen

vintage cord dress, hansel from basel socks, swedish hasbeens

Thanks for all of the encouraging comments in the last post! I'm glad I didn't quit too and I hope this is enough of a push for me to post more. Today was a fairly decent day; while it started out cloudy and gloomy in the morning, the clouds cleared up by noon and the rest of the day has been full of sun and pretty weather. Time to break out my new peach (or is it orange? rust?) vintage dress and a platform + socks combination. What else is there to say about an outfit? I'd love to get pseudo poetic about an everyday ensemble but let me be honest guys, they're just clothes.

Did I ever post a good picture of these shoes on my feet? If not, here's one that I took while I was home (sans socks). I'm so glad I ordered these socks from Hansel and Basel, they fit like a dream! They're so cozy I almost feel guilty about wearing them.

swedish hasbeens

I also posted a small update on my shop blog with some draped items! Remember this outfit and this one? I've given up on trying to incorporate the cardigans in my current wardrobe so I'm parting with them. I'm already regretting it but at least I'm one step away from being a closet hoarder? Bahh.

Also, thanks to Nasty Gal for featuring me on their blog, I love you guys!! Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Wedge, La Mer Capelet Tee, Rivera Chambray Jacket, Blossom Romper, and the Lula Scalloped Lace Dress in Pink.


Phuong said...

love the colour of your dress, looks nice!

Fate said...

love your sandles, cute and the heel isn't too big

Anonymous said...

very sweet shoes!



Ahline said...

i just love your blog

belated bday on ur blog

Alice said...

that colour looks great on you!

i am seriously loving your hair

Ganymede Girl said...

That color looks so good on you!

Caitlin said...

one of my favs
& ps. you have insane legs! I am so jealous. :)

Soul and Stuff said...

those shoes get better everytime i see them. i love them.

be.aoi said...

that dress cant be more perfect!

love love love

brooke said...

im assuming the title of this post means that dress is peach-colored, but it looks a little deeper orange to me, which ive been all about lately! somehow i managed to buy 3 orangey toned dresses last week. two were from thrift stores though so i feel all right about it. anway, cute look!

LA said...

everything about you is adorable!

Cait said...

I love that dress!! the color looks so amazing on you

kelly ann said...

that's the cutest little dress, i love it!

Album said...

i love your whole outfit, the shoes and dress are amazing! xx

Susan said...

You look great glammed up but your every day style is why I keep coming back!

Jocy said...

Honestly, I've been resisting those clogs, claiming that I've got enough clogs in my closet for a sane person. But this may have just persuaded me. Are they comfortable and good quality?

Claudia said...

your dress is so cute!

Anne said...

I never thought I'd want a pair of clogs, but I keep seeing these shoes and I'm falling for them...especially combined with socks. This outfit is SO CUTE. You look wonderful! I love how you don't take all of this too seriously either.

Gela said...

that dress is lovely! i love the color. and i really can't stop staring at those shoes. simple & classic! the heel height seems perfect too.

M said...

love this look on you. LOVE.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful color for a dress and I can't stop wearing my Hansel from Basel socks with Swedish Hasbeens as well and not giving a fuck about saying anything insightful about fashion because in some and all ways, there aren't a lot of interesting insights to make about fashion.

xo Jenny

jane said...

Perfect!!! You look great !!!!

kittycat said...

you are the cutest person ever. i love the outfit. i love your hair. and this post!

Sudenly-Me said...

love your outfit , and your shooes :D

Lee said...

I've been following your blog for a while now. I love your posts. Although it always inspires me to do considerable damage to my credit card! Ha!
As a local gal in LA, I appreciate your sweet style. Keep the great looks coming!


MiracleBox said...

This outfit is soo cute <3 I love how the socks look in your clogs <3 This new trend looks great on you!

Miss Woody said...

you have a gorgeous style !

LUU H. said...

oh, the shoes are so cute! love the dress too;)

Lilpixie said...

Great outfit

♥ oi! said...

Really sweet shoes.. they look mega cute with sockies!

Sidney said...

i really love your dress! swedish hasbeens are the best :) xx

Eliza said...

those shoes are the cutest!xo

Anonymous said...

That dress looks marvelous on you! And I really love how you are pulling of the socks-and-sandals look!

Unravelled Threads

Nicole Jarecz said...

i love the shoes paired with those socks. lovely look!

lumikha said...

i've been seeing these shoes everywhere and they look soo comfy!

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me what size is your acne t-shirt(the one with eyes print on front) and the v-neck (white,acne). i like the way they fit you!!! thank you

Fashion Monstre said...

awww you look adorable!! i love how the color of the dress and the color of your hair look so gorgeous together

lydia said...

so cute <3

bravegrrl said...

that dress looks awesome on you. and so perfect for spring :) i think i'm gonna have to order some of those socks too :)


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on the clothes front, it's fun to look nice but at the same time following fashion trends can be exhausting and expensive! I love the summery feel of your outfit though, very cute. xxx

Zoë said...

you are as sweet as anything!! great colour combinations!

Anonymous said...

ah those shoes are to die for! I love them.

Etta said...

hey. i just want to let you know how happy i am you decided to return from your temporary blogger crisis. i've really been enjoying your outfit posts these past few weeks. you actually inspired me to get into vintage clothing (i might be a little addicted now).
so, from one blogger to another, thanks for all your inspiration!

emily viveur said...

the color of that dress is amazingly and absolutely GORGEOUS.


noel said...

just found your blog and love it! i've been thinking about those swedish hasbeens in my sleep. they look so great on you.

Jessica said...

i love that peachy orange color on you! <3

Rosalyn said...

Love this look x

Anonymous said...

Your dress is so cute! And that's so cool that Nasty Gal featured you! I love love love the clothing they sell.

the style crusader said...

oh i love this outfit! that dress is super similar to one by whistles (but it's short sleeves and not cord - same shape and colour otherwise) i am craving! also love the shoes! have just ordered a pair of swedish clogs today! lovely lovely! xx

Blair said...

Hello, just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say I love it! You have great style and I love that dress. Will definitely be following and linking you! x

eva-christa said...

I like those colors ! Fresh style
La Bise
'ECH from pAris

lauren lanza osias said...

i looooove the dress, that is a great color on you. and i still can't get over your short hair, it looks ah-mazing on you!
be a follower, not a hater

pilcuis said...

wow those shoes are the perfect pair!!

i'm following you :)

Margaret said...

cutest shoes ever :D
love that colour
great blog!
loving your posts
stop by some time xx

the gorgeous said...

lovely dress, love the colour!

lover. said...

i love this outfit. nice and summery! x

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

I love the outfit. Corduroy is great.

Paulina said...

lovely outfit darling. beautiful colors

Jess said...

You always make me want to go shoe shopping!! Haha.

I <3 your lookS.


Valentina_s said...

this look is nice!


follow me on

Danielle said...

Such a cute dress! The shoes go good with it too. I wish I could pull off the socks with heels look...

Photo said...

Photo said...

i speak mojito said...

are the hasbeens comfortable? honestly? I've been eyeing them for awhile and they look too frickin cute with socks but the final deciding factor is comfort.

Mad Coco said...

Love the vintage cord cute

Bird said...

beautiful outfit. you are so petit!!

LHFC said...

wow sweetest outfit, so feminine

DNA (designers+artists) said...

perfect spring sandals!

stellaincognita said...

Ooh, your toenail polish color is gorgeous! What is it?

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