Monday, May 23, 2016


Palace bomber, Acne pants, Palace x Adidas sneakers, Reformation turtleneck bodysuit

Had a quick photoshoot with my little brother before he left to stay in LA for his summer break. I know I said I'd try to get back into blogging but to be completely honest I'm not sure how I'm going to get my photos taken with him gone. It's kind of why I stopped blogging to begin with, when I stopped I didn't really have a photographer boyfriend who I could consistently scam into taking a couple photos. I suppose it's also on me for not trying harder to find other ways to do it but up until now I've been so slammed with work that I ended up letting that part of my life go.

Sometimes I think about what could have been if I hadn't stopped blogging when I see how successful my friends are now but I may just be a little bitter because I'm going through a huge life change right now. I don't know how my life would have turned out if I'd taken a risk and had gone into freelance blogging over working full time for a startup for 4 years but it's no use harping on that now. All I can really do is move forward.

Anyway, enough real talk. I'm sure I'll figure out a way to keep this going. Maybe I'll finally try to date someone and con them into taking my photos? (YEAH RIGHT.)

I'll leave you with a song that I've been playing on repeat since last week. I was lucky enough to catch Floating Points live in SF and the show was fantastic. Also, if you need any new music to listen to I've been maintaining a playlist of new music that I've been really into this past year.



tornaclo said...

Hey! I've been a reader for years, so I will be here for any posts you decide to share, whenever. I have always admired your style and posts. I am NOT against bloggers getting their own and making a profit off of their blogs, but I've lost interest in a few of my favorite bloggers over the past few years because it's become all about sponsored posts and I feel like I'm just reading ads. Again, I understand people have to be compensated for their work! But it has become a little saturated (certain blogs more than others). That's the catch-22 of blogging. If anything, you've been able to skip over that saturation and just sit back and be true. (That being said, if anyone offers you a free mattress or a meal delivery service, I say yaaas, get that Casper/Blue Apron money, girl).

Anonymous said...

Your post made me realise how much time has flown! I can't remember when I first started reading your blog—either 2010 or 2011—but wow, it's been years. When I first stumbled upon your blog, I had just started going to a school that didn't have a uniform in place, and I had no idea how to dress up or what kinds of clothes even suited me. I liked your style immediately and have always sought to emulate it since then (I'm a senior in college now and I'm a lot more confident in how I dress and present myself!). You're classy but you always manage to keep on trend. Even now, I look to your Instagram or your past posts for outfit inspirations :) Just letting you know that I'm a loyal fan, and if you do decide to get back to blogging regularly I'll be really excited!

Anonymous said...

Anabel, love your style and perspective, and I hope you continue your blog posts! Can you get any of your talented friends to take photos of you or maybe find a student photographer who can take photos for credit? It would be a shame if you didn't continue just because you couldn't find someone to take pictures; there must be some nice people out there who'd love to! Anyway, keep up the great posts, I've loved the ones about cleaning your closet. You should also think about starting a youtube channel, I think you would do great!

Mun said...

Nothing is ever too late... you could still chase that dream of yours in blogging if that's what you really want. Working for startups is such a precious experience :)

keyi said...

I'm a long-time reader as well. Even though you haven't posted in a while, I still enjoy following your other social media outlets. I agree with what the previous poster said. I really like that in addition to pictures showing off your beautiful, classic, modern, minimal (and recently 90s) aesthetic, you write your true thoughts and give glimpses into your life experience. Most bloggers have stopped doing that. You have a genuine voice. I know this kind of validation isn't the same as achieving fame/financial compensation like professional bloggers get but I think most blogs have totally lost their soul whereas yours still has something of your personality instilled into it, so I hope you will be encouraged knowing that.

Hamida Bee said...

Love your outfit here :)


Chanelia said...

I especially enjoyed reading your blog years ago because you personal style presented a unique perspective and you wrote your posts quite intelligently.

Whatever blogging and brands lost from your absence, the startups you worked for gained with your presence. So sending kind wishes and encouraging you to keep blogging :)

Sandra Nimako - Boatey said...

Gosh I've been reading you for years!
I think what-ifs can put you in a really bad place, especially if you're going through a huge life change atm. I'm sure you're still doing well despite not going into blogging full time. So don't be hard on yourself!

Anonymous said...

Gurl, this isn't the first time you've expressed insecurity over the "could've-beens" related to your blogging life/career choices. You've blogged about it a couple of times before, which leads me to think you've been dwelling on it for a long, long time.

Nothing holds people back like dwelling on the past! Don't compare yourself to others. Just let it go and focus on what you can offer, here and now.

afrobinxy said...

Annabel, I've been following you since Chictopia days. Don't dwell on what could have happened because there's nothing you can really do about it now. I think you've achieved so much and there's so much you can be proud of.

You and Camille will always be my favourites regardless of how little you post. There was an authenticity to your blog and style and that is rare to come across these days.

Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine. Sending love from Australia xxx

Rudy Lay said...

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Anonymous said...

your ego would not have let you jump into full time blogging back then anyway, you low key shaded those who chose that route without a million followers and love flossing your full time real working job

Bao Tran said...

Scrolling through these comments, I'm proud to say I'm one of the loyal readers who has come back to check in every now and again to see if you've updated. Donno why, your style is magnetic to me. I do have to admit, too, I borrowed from the way you formatted your blog. My web design skills are not great, so it was really just fonts and sizes. Hope you don't mind. Glad to see that you are blogging more often now. It's hard to do. You have a great focus for your blog, your strong sense of personal style. Mine is just a lifestyle blog, and it's hard to know what to write about, and how to hone in enough to make focused posts about a specific topic. Just rambling now. I wish you a lot of success! Without blogging too much all these years, you still seem to have had a lot of success anyway. Don't discount what you have gained from your experiences up till now :) Hope to see more of you.

Theresa said...

I remember following and reading your blog when I was in high school, and I've since graduated from college! The ones I remember following were you (I have always loved you blog title, Jess Loves Fred, and the stylish wanderer. I tried emulating you guys I also enjoyed blogging, but I was never serious, and now I'm taking up blogging again.

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Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog since '09 and your corner of the internet is still one of the coolest out there :) If you decide you want to ramp up blogging go for it!

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Sabrina said...

I'll take photos for you. I live close to SF so I'm totally down to meet up and do photoshoots. DM me on instagram @futuristichuman

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