Monday, March 10, 2014


Equipment cotton shirt, Siwy cut off shorts, Acne moto jacket, Nike Thea sneakers, Everlane Petra bag

Thought I'd squeeze in a quick post before I leave for SXSW tomorrow afternoon! Oh yeah, I dyed my hair. I've been hesitant to post these photos since they were shot at the end of the day, but maybe I should just let go and care a little less about quality and just go with it... what do you guys think?

If anyone reading this is going to SXSW here's where I'll probably be (plus a few other places):
Body High Official SXSW Showcase
Warp X LuckyMe SXSW Showcase
RAP GODS Official SXSW Showcase
WEDIDIT SXSW Parking Lot Party
LFTF SXSW 2014 Day Party
Boiler Room x Ray-Ban
Lights Down Low SXSW Party
and Fader Fort of course


roanne said...

love your jacket, and that hair color really suits you!

Sarah said...

The new color is fantastic! You're very brave but it paid off. :)

london loves said...

Haven't been on your blog forever, I didn't recognize you at first! Love your hair color! And great look!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

fantastic sneakers!

Alicia N. said...

Great sporty look! I think the photos look good as well. And I love Sanctified #thatsmyish haha.

Neon Fox

Raisa said...

I love your new hair! :D Did you bleach it? I also dyed my hair recently but it's not as vibrant as yours.

Paprika said...

Aaah I am so so jealous that festival looks just incredible!! Have an awesome time!!xx

Dominique Dyson said...

Love the hair color! Quite jelly you're heading to SXSW. Have fun!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love your outfit! Simple yet chic xx

Emily said...

You look really great!!
Love this relaxed look!


Ria said...

Nothing wrong with these photos at all! Hope you had fun at SXSW. I've always wanted to go.

Rebecca said...

Enjoy SXSW, I wiiiish I could go!

Anonymous said...

Loving the sporty look and the vibrant ginger hair!

Milka said...

love the look, hair colour is awesomw

Mei めい said...

cool outfit and love your hair color!

Catarina Magalhães said...

Cool look!

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Catarina Magalhães said...

Cool look!

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Jimmy Johns said...

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Thrifted and Modern said...

Loving the new look with the red hair! Also, we adore the outfit. Be sure to check us out, we think we have some things you might like!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit, I lust love the handbag!

Anonymous said...

love your outfit!

Cheyenne said...

Love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

Your jacket is just great!

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Biker Leather Jackets said...

Cool MOTO leather jacket you got there, got to check them out.

Mun said...

It's amazing what a change of hair colour could do to a person's looks and the vibes that are given out!

Song said...

I'm in love with your hair! And how simple but nice your outfit is it's great!

Alena Höldrich said...

The photos look amazing with all the light, even if it is indoors!
Have a fashionable weekend and I would love you to stop by!

Alena | meet me stylish

Loef said...

You have such a great smile!

Adria said...

Amazing outfit!

Allison said...

I love your style !
What do you think about pastel for spring/summer 2014 : ??




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Lucy Green said...

A perfect casual outfit !


Love your hair!

Sofia said...

Fabulous look <3

Bisous !

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic outfit and love the hair. Don't worry about the photo's, you always look great!

PaTinka's World said...

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PaTinka's World said...

gorgeous hair color! What an amazing blog!

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Stephanie said...

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J'Amy Tarr said...

Seems the outfit is perfect for you! Really nice!

Julia S said...

I love that you're wearing those sneakers, I love a cute casual look like that!


Love your hair!

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You never returned from sxsw :-/

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Hi Tea Style said...

Love this look! Cute shorts!

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