Wednesday, August 4, 2010

capsule love

I freaking love capsule... and their videos, of course.


雅王任 said...


Anonymous said...

I saw your tweet earlier about you finishing reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I read it earlier this summer and couldn't sleep peacefully for days! It doesn't help the fact that my neighbors are beyond creepy and random screams come out of their basement at night and the old man that lives there always looks like he wants to get out.
But great book!

Not a Paper Cup said...

such cool clips! :)
I didnt read your tweet...but I hope you get to read the rest of the trilogy! I live in Sweden and its so cool that they are getting popular in English as well :)

Heini said...

These are so cute! Something I´ve never listened before.

Style and coffee said...

Nice! I didn't know them

Rookie said...

It's really nice.
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...




JessS said...

I've never heard of them but they're pretty awesome. And those videos are pretty darn cool

Sewon said...

Aw, yeah! I love shibuya-kei or just bubbly music in general.

Tiffany said...

So I normally don't comment, more of a "lurker" if you pardon the creepy term, but after seeing this post I just had to - I love capsule too! Do you like Perfume? They're produced by the same guy in capsule, so they have a similar style. Yay capsule fans! I've actually never seen their music videos, so I will check these out -- thanks!

Amanda Bowen said...

God, if I only had that orange outfit in the last video.. I could die happy.

kate cait sith said...

I was hoping this entry was going to be about capsule's music. I also like Perfume more than I probably should... guilty pleasure.

BenchesnChandeliers said...

awesome! thanks for the intro...

Anonymous said...

Their cute! Does sakura (title of the first song) mean cherry blossom? I think it does...I learned a bit of the piano piece called "Sakura Sakura" and my friend told me it that.

Anonymous said...

*it meant that

Sharon said...


meesheo said...

capsule's one of my favorites! they're the reason why i kept my bowl-cut for so long

Anonymous said...

I love Capsule. I also like Perfume which is created by same music producer, Yasutaka Nakata. By the way, I'm big fan of you blog. I've been reading your blog since I was in New York!!

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Unknown said...

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