Tuesday, February 2, 2010

suzu noodle house in japantown

tea and beer


suzu ramen

sophie's crepes

An assortment of shots from dinner on Sunday. Is it sad that I am not ashamed to admit that my life revolves around food? I think the most heartbreaking thing about my little meltdown last week was my inability to keep down my food since everything I consumed would be puked out involuntarily. I even lost my appetite for two days, which has thankfully come back full force, as one can guess from the empty bags of chips and Mountain Dew cans littering my workspace. Anyway, after a week or so of delays and canceled trips we finally made it out to Japantown for some ramen in the evening at Suzu. We waited for quite a while since the place is small but we were both impressed and are seriously considering going back at the end of this week. The thing I love best about being with BF is that what we do on a certain day is greatly affected by what we want or where we want to eat.


fashionforwriters said...

YUM! I used to love going to Suzu for ramen and gyoza when I lived in San Francisco. One time we were on our way there and somehow got tricked into going to that semi awful Japanese-Italian restaurant in the Japantown mall and it was the saddest day in the world for my stomach.

So so envious that you get to live in the Bay Area and enjoy all of its culinary delights.

xo Jenny

Baby Says Boutique said...

You made me hungry now! >.<


Saoirse said...

Yum! This all looks delicious!

rosanguyen said...

That looks so delicious! crepes, ramen :O And theres nothing to be ashamed about your life being revolving around food.

Food is everyone's everything.

Highdee said...

Food > clothes, anyday

I've haven't been to that place in ages, but their noodles are divine!


Sonya said...

I agree, food makes my day as well!


pkjb said...

i want a crepe NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Everything looks yummy. ck :) x

theflawlet said...

...and now I'm hungry! :D

corksandcaftans said...

looks awesome. so you're 21 now, right? Enjoying it yet?! :)

Carey :)

Neekoh said...

I have to be eating lunch when I come to your blog because you ALWAYS make me hungry!

Leoluca Escobar said...

i love that you guys are foodies and that it looks like he's coming over to steal a bite.


bravegrrl said...

looks soooo good!


Fashion Therapist said...

That looks so delish! I miss good Japanese food.

Shini said...

Oh no, hope you're well now (how dare food to come out the wrong way!) and yes, I'm very happy to see you declare that your life revolves around food. We live to eat, no? Some eat to live...pfft.

phresh-produce said...

okay im starving!!!

MissNeira said...

This post is very yummy!!! mmm crepes

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Tee Sea said...

Mmmm...crepes and gyoza!!

don't forget to stop by my blogs!

Wendy said...

mmmm I miss gyoza and ramen sooooo much! My tiny college town has japanese restaurants, but nothing like the ones in the bay.

And I feel you on the whole appetite thing - when I'm even the least bit anxious or depressed, my appetite is the first thing to go. It's almost impressive - I could be in the middle of eating something, and if I hear some bad news my appetite will be gone within a couple of bites.

Mez said...

Gyoza are the BEST!!!

Luxe. said...

I want a crepe now!.x

Stephanie said...

That looks like such a good restaurant! And I definitely know how you feel about the food thing. Life would be boring without delicious food!

Lillian Chang said...

Yum!! Looks delicious.
Nothing shameful about your life revolving around food!! :) I'm like that too - always thinking about my next meal...even as I'm enjoying one!
There's so many good eats in Berkeley! My current favorite is Gregoires...and plus there's soooo much amazing stuff in the city!! Ahh, what a wonderful place to be for someone who enjoys food :)

MissAlyssa said...

my life revolves around good food too! nothing to be ashamed about! food is my obsession

♥Lola said...

That looks amazing! I really need to visit SF just for the food :)

Jasmine said...

ah this really reminds me of Ajisen noodle house, which is near where i am right now (in a book store trying to study...). i am seriously considering getting up and leaving to get some ramen and postickers now!

Moomby said...

ramen followed by crepes sounds like the perfect date night!

philip said...


Emilie said...

Your blog just makes me wish I lived wherever you live because the food in this place is clearly ridiculously good.

confessions of a marc addict. said...

the crepe thing at the bottom looks out of control amazing.

megara said...

I ate a very similar meal tonight, and i loved every bite of it. and i'm pretty sure my life revolves around food! and probably a lot more than yours... i wish it didn't haha.

that crepe looks incredible!


Michelle said...

i adore your blog!



lauren lanza osias said...

yummo...i currently live in the panhandle...not lots of delicious food around...soooo jealous.


endimion said...

you should have the cold ramen from suzu when it gets warmer. :D

&california and mixed fruits nutella from sophies!!

endimion said...

i got mixed fruits nutella for my boyfriend after his class today :D handheld crepes make people happy.

Easter revision courses said...

Wow! This is so delicious. Japanese cuisine to me is one of the best in the world.

Web Designing said...

Food relaxes me, it makes me happy I thank god for the gift of great appetite and a smoking hot sexy body.

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augustalolita said...

so mouth watering!! i love ramen!!

Ganymede Girl said...

Some of my favorite foods right there! Gyoza mmmm

Also, Happy 100th post! (not sure if you noticed)


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Crepes are the greatest things on this earth!

le blog de leen said...

this looks soo good!
and the tea cups are really cute


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the style crusader said...

glad to hear you are feeling better! that food looks so delicious!! xx

Bobby's Girl said...

oh yes my partner and i have realised our favourite moments together always revolved around food. It's awesome!

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Taylor Sterling said...

you always have the most yummy food on your site! hmmm hungry!!

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That crepe! ah, looks like funso.

gennie said...

foodie couples!! gotta love it :)

ru.kurarin said...

thank goodness you feel better!

AMIT said...

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Erica Sanae said...

yum sophie's crepes are so good!! :) thanks for the great pics. I love how they have such life to them, like mid-grab or mid-bite! :)

NDYparty said...

i'm hungry now

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